Using Stat Counter and Owl Slider in Unbounce Page


Ok trust me, I understand conversion and what works and what doesn’t. However, my company doesn’t. So I am forced to show them.

Heres the situation:
I want to test a full unbounce page against a page that they want which is HTML (or Wordpress version) Here is the theme example:  They are loosing most elements and inserting a form. With parallax images, animated counters, background video, and a hover effect slider this is a product awareness page and not a conversion page right. Agreed.

Even so,  I want to test this page in unbounce, however (other than video backgrounds- which I can do) is there an easier way to build this page that includes the stat counter as well as Owl Slider or something that does the same thing. (they are married to the hover over effect as well…so I can settle for a script that works with unbounce and 4 fullwidth images instead). 

My Options: 

  • Try and copy the theme in unbounce by matching as much as possible and insert custom code for the slider and counter. 
  • iFrame entire page and host it on a wordpress or other server
  • Find a Unbounce theme that has similar functionality (hard to do because of the conversion focus)
  • Can Unbounce send a variant to an outside host?

The issues:

My problem is that I have only a little jquery experience and the insert pray and preview approach is driving me crazy. There has to be an easier way to test higher functionaility sites against the Unbounce streamlined approach which we all know works better. However, I need to show them not tell them. If there examples of how others are doing it, I can work with that too. (stat counter and hover effect specifically)

Also, testing the Owl Slider and i cant get it to work at all. User error I am sure. And I cant find a stat counter that matches the theme to test. Anyone?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have _ talked Unbounce up _ so much that they want to use it for less conversion type pages too. Frankly I am ok with that if it sell adherence to using unbounce on all the other Landing Pages designed for lead gen. 

Help Jim

PS Please dont give me the, use Optimizely we aren’t designed for that line. I know that for sure but what if I wanted to put your money where your mouth is and debunk what others are calling Landing pages? 


It seems like building the page they are requesting in Wordpress and running a Google Expiriment against the Unbounce page may achieve this:


Thank all!
After trial and error and plenty of late nights I figured out how to accomplish the task. Andrew - as to you comments about sizzle? I could not agree more wih you. This page is riddled with distractions and poor conversion elements. However the reason for the build was more for political goals and not conversion, it was an attempt to keep our company focused on using a Unbounce exclusively for landing pages and to prevent them from usurping our process and simply building it in WP to keep control. Plus it was a way to socialize Unbounce with our executives as this branding page was a pet project of theirs. I set the expectations that as a conversion page it will fail but as a branding page it would be just fine. Simply put, we are trying to be the tail that wags the dog in terms of teaching conversion principles through testing and not opinion or expertise… Two things our execs think they know all about when in reality they know little but have enormous power to execute on their judgment alone. In the end it turned out pretty well, if I say so myself. Check it out and prepare to be so “wowed” you’ll fill out the form out of an awe driven pity…

Thanks again.


Ps here’s a funny one for you guys. They insisted on having a ticker. Even though on three of the numbers they only went to 4 or 10!!! What they were trying to accomplish with displaying numbers that small tallying is beyond me. But at least I can now hang my own shingle as an Unbounce freelancer after learning to script like a pro!


James, your story reminded me of an April Fools joke we launched 4 years ago back in the early days of Unbounce: "Ask a HiPPO (“Highest Paid Person’s Opinion”)

Sometimes execs know best! :wink:

Keep us updated on how this goes over for you…


Hey Jim,

You’re trying to add a lot of extra functionality to the Unbounce page that isn’t (yet) supported in the native builder. Maybe someday it will be, but until then we have to get resourceful.

I have implemented jquery countdown timers, parallax, and sliders on Unbounce pages before with a lot of the “trial and error” method you described using the custom HTML. Each one results in a lower conversion rate for email leads, ticket sales, etc. My hypothesis is that they are distracting and take people away from the real goal of the page.

If you MUST have it, you could hire a jquery programmer pretty cheaply on or to crank out the code and insert the CSS styles into the generated HTML to make it look like the example you provided. It’s just an extension of what you are already doing…but I don’t know of any other way to make it happen in Unbounce.

The previous comment about using the Google Content Experiment or Optimizely could work well, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get better results on Unbounce if you can get the powers that be to focus on the steak, not the sizzle.