Using Inline Installation for Chrome Extension


Has anyone been able to use inline installation for a chrome extension?

I’m trying to accomplish this:

I’ve tried quite a few things but haven’t had any luck.

Below is the code snippet I am using…

  $("#lp-pom-button-116").click(function ExtInstall(){
            if (
                alert("already installed!");


Interesting question, @krista. Can you let us know exactly what you’re trying to do with this Extension?


Hi Justin,

I’m trying to set up this inline installation to where users can click on the “Get Extension” button on my landing page(see 1st link). Instead of users being redirected to the Google Chrome store when clicking the button, I would like them to see an installation confirmation dialog where they can install straight from our site. The goal is to keep users on our site page without having to redirect them to the chrome web store.

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** Here’s an updated version of the code which I placed in the before body end tag


Hi @krista,

Do you have the appropriate < link > tag in the HEAD section of your landing page and have you verified your domain through the webmaster tools?