Using Icons as Form Selections & Multi-Step

I have scoured the forums, pieced together lightboxes, mutli-step forms 2.0, and query string appending, but I am now stumped and looking for some guidance.

I have 3 questions I want to ask my visitors. I want the answers to each question to be in the form of Icons (e.g. click the icon to answer). I want to test asking all of them at once (showing all on one page) vs. just showing one at a time (sliding in next question after previous is answered… really don’t want to use a lightbox if I don’t have to). After the final question the resulting click will take the visitor to a URL with query strings appended to the URL string.


  1. I drive: [user clicks cars icon]
  2. I eat: [user clicks steak icon]
  3. I drink: [user clicks coffee icon]
    EXIT LINK when clicking [COFFEE ICON]:

Thank you to anyone who can guide me here. Been at this for several hours and feel like I’ve moved an inch!

Still am having trouble here. I can’t seem to piece together various forum threads to make this work. If anyone has any guidance I’d be amazingly grateful!

Hey @bluefinstrategy,

You have a couple of options here:

  1. Custom Form - It’s much easier to write a form from scratch that would act exactly as you want. The downside is that you have to be comfortable developing it and possibly modifying it in the future. Also, you would lose the native form tracking from Unbounce, which can easily be fixed with GA tracking.

  2. Modify an Unbounce Form - A bit hard to do but you get to keep the conversion tracking from within Unbounce. However, you would have to modify your form within the limits of Unbounce and would still need a developer to make any future changes (ex. single-step vs. multi-step)

There is always the 3rd option, which is to use a 3rd party form. The biggest plus to this is that you won’t have to touch any code.

You are having a hard time piecing together various scripts from this forum simply because these scripts were created with a very specific purpose in mind.

At the end of the day, it comes down to how comfortable you are with writing code (JS/CSS).