Using - web version fonts


Fonts: Trying to use Helvetica Nue from - but after pasting the javascript, and editing the CSS file, there hasn’t been any difference in fonts.

Can someone kindly advise?


CSS: span, p, a, label {
font-family: HelveticaNeueW01-Thin !important;


Hi there Brian!

Great to hear from you! As far as adding Helvetica Neue from to your page goes, there could be a few reasons as to why you cannot see the custom font on your page. You may have noticed that you can’t see CSS changes in the editor. To double check the appearance of your CSS code, you’ll need to republish your page, and check it out at the published URL. If you still can’t see your changes, I’d also recommend clearing your browser’s cache.

Brian, I’d really like to check out your landing page page, and take a closer look at your code. I’m going to open a support ticket for you, and ask for the URL of the page that you’re currently working on. I’ll be in touch shortly! :slight_smile:



Hi Laura,

Thank you for your reply. I took your advice, cleared my browser’s cache and republished the page and it worked like a charm.

Thanks a lot - you don’t have to open the support ticket anymore.

Much appreciated,


Oh my pleasure, Brian! Feel free to reach out anytime! 

All the best,