Using existing pre-Unbounce page as Champion for new Unbounce implementation


What’s the best way to use an existing pre-Unbounce landing page design as a Champion for a new Unbounce implementation? I have a new client and want to throttle the traffic from his old page to his new (Unbounce) landing page slowly.


What I’ve tried so far is bringing in the HTML from the pre-Unbounce page, and stripping out all scripts into Unbouce scripts, and stripping out all CSS into Unbounce stylesheets. However, it’s not working. The HTML block says that the HTML is invalid, but gives no indication why Unbouce thinks this is so. I don’t see anything wrong with the HTML.

When I preview the page, it’s as if the CSS is not getting applied.

Thanks for the help. I’m hopeful to get a quick reply so I can serve my client well.


Hi Michael - I spoke with you over chat the other day on the issues you were having with this page. I’ll just recap our discussion here for reference:

The custom css was just not rendering under preview but rendered correctly under the actual published page. You likely just need to tweak the code further for the CSS to properly integrate into the page.

Hopefully your page is now progressing closer to your goal.