Using AMP Accordion component


I’m trying to use this component on an AMP page:

I’m able to to add the referenced js file and add the specified markup using custom HTML, however the issue I’m finding is that when I use it, the page doesn’t seem to understand that it needs to redraw/expand to accomodate the expanded content. So for example if I have a box with content inside it and I click to expand it, it displays on top of the content underneath it when the box is collapsed.

Is this a known issue or bug, and is there a work around to make this function? My page really needs this functionality for the content to make sense.



Can you share the link to your page ?
I haven’t use yet accordeon on my AMP pages but it may happen soon.



Here’s a quick example I through together. There is a collapsed accordion box at the bottom of the page, expanding it makes the content go on top of the page footer.