Using a webhook with a "go to url" form



I currently have a landing page working well with a Webhook and a confirmation page: 

I have a problem with our Facebook agency; the Facebook pixel is not working properly on my confirmation page. They told me that it may be a problem form the confirmation page appearing over the landing page…

So i duplicated my landing page ( while keeping my webhook and instead of showing the confirmation page i selected “go to url” ( and i have added the Facebook pixel onto this page.

But now my webhook integration is not working anymore.

Can someone help me on this ?

Problem n¡1: did i incorrectly insert the Facebook pixel on my original landing page: (

Problem n¡2: how to keep a webhook integration while going to another url ?

thanks in advance !


Hello. You can close this topic.
The problem was from our system.


Thanks for the heads up, Julien!