Using a facebook ad and unbounce landing page newbie


im a photographer, trying to sell bay portraiture, created my ad on facebook, boosted it, selected 10 mile radius, women 20-45 yrs, has been seen by about 2500 people, only about 12 clicked on the link through to the LP but none have filled in the simple form (i have checked its all working ok). just wondering whether to change offer, presentation, Lp, as a newbie to this feeling a bit overwhelmed. any advice appreciated.


Hi Richard!

Congrats on getting started with facebook advertising and selling online.  First off, if possible provide the link to your landing page and I am sure we can all provide some more concrete feedback.

With limited knowledge of your situation, I would tell you to not get too discouraged, but you could certainly have a higher click through rate.  The more niche the target audience you can find on Facebook (HYPOTHETICALLY - best practices are not guaranteed) the more success you should find.  Assuming “bay portaiture” means pictures of of your local bay, you might consider running a niche campaign to business owners in a 10 miles radius advertising the value of having great local art in their office.  Just a hypothetical idea off the cuff and I am sure you can come up with a better niche :slight_smile:

Point being, don’t give up hope and once you provide more details about your actual ad and the supporting landing page(s) we can help give you feedback!

Best of luck,



Great points, Joe!

The great thing about Facebook is the ability to hyper-target based on a really, really tight set of parameters. I would suggest trying with some smaller, but more defined segments. 

Like Joe mentioned you can try segmenting business owners in a 10 mile radius. You could also try segmenting based on likes, such as ‘people who like on FB and live in a 10 mile radius’. The beauty of doing these hyper targeted approaches is that you can create a different landing page for each, and measure the success across a broad range of approaches. Maybe you find out that a certain segment converts way higher than another, then you can allocate more of your budget to push that ad instead.

Would love to see the entire click-funnel though. What does your ad look like? What ad copy are you using? What does your landing page look like?

Feel free to share so we can give you some ideas! :slight_smile:


thanks guys for your ideas, here is a link to the facebook page, the post is aug 15, 2nd post down   my LP page is   would appreciate any guidence.


oops, sorry, my first post should read BABY photography, not bay, (teach me to proof read before posting