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As every good conversion optimizer knows, landing pages need to be tested in all different ways. One form of testing is A/B testing, but another type of testing that is equally important is usability testing.

So, I’m wondering, which tools or processes do you use for usability testing?

I recently stumbled upon a tool called, and it seems to be a very useful product for recording and sharing user tests. But there are a bunch of other tools in this space as well.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on user testing, and how you make it fit into your overall Unbounce landing page design and optimization process. Let’s share some tools and ideas!

PS: Other really cool user testing tools I love are:

UXPin - Wireframing on steroids.
UsabilityHub - They made the 5 second test a household name.
OpenTest - A simple screen/video/audio recording tool.


Great thread Nicholas!

Hadn’t heard about before. Looks like a nice tool.

I love UsabilityHub as you mention - great for simple tests and remote usability testing.

We do quite a lot of internal usability testing here at Unbounce where we invite test subjects to the office. But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer on how to fit usability testing into your optimization process. It really depends on the case, what insight you looking for and what you want to achieve.

I’ll often do a 5 sec test in connection with a new LP to get an idea of how users intuitively react to a given page or message (very, very simple testing). On the other end of the spectrum is real usability testing with live test subjects thinking aloud while solving tasks. In between these two extremes are e.g. some of the other tools that UsabilityHub offers e.g. preference test or click through test.

Usability testing is just one tool in your Conversion Research arsenal. In my experience, it is important to have a flexible research process that allows you to choose the right tools for the individual case.



Not come across before so will defiantly be checking this out.

We’ve recently used a tool called HotJar which isn’t so much user testing more of an observational heat mapping tool. You are able to record users on your page and watch where they scroll, click and their mouse activity. It’s quite a basic but useful tool for a first insight into what users are doing on your page. We also use a prototyping tool InVision App who have launched user testing through their platform.

User testing is something we want to do more of for sure, but with our workflow moving so quickly we often don’t have time to do this, the benefits however are huge so we will keep on pushing.


I’d like to echo Aagard’s comment – this is a such a great thread! As for user testing, there is indeed no one-size-fits-all solution. It depends on what and when in the project phase you’re testing a feature/function.

As a product designer, I often conduct remote usability testing through InVision. They have a solid platform for inviting our customers to test some of our clickthrough prototypes. This is done towards the end of the design process when we already have solid options and just looking for UX validation from our customers.

In the early stages, we’re trying to implement new ways to test our ideas through concept testing. I pinged some of our designers here to give more context on that.

P.S. Try YouCanBook.Me for scheduling with your testers. All you have to do is sync your calendar so your testers can easily pick available dates. :slight_smile:


Ah yes, I should have included Hotjar on the list for sure. That’s one of my favorite tools. I rarely launch a project without having Hotjar installed. It’s a must.

And InVision app is interesting. I’ve heard great things about it.

Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!


Can you use InVision to test live pages, or only mockups/prototypes?


Only mockups. We test features before they get built. And when we launch, we try to get Hotjar running to see how our users are interacting with it.

Also, thanks for sharing! I have to check out that tool.


This looks super promising!

P.S. Totally subscribing to this thread, lots of useful info being shared here. :slight_smile:


Hey y’all! :sunflower: I’m Johan – designer and developer at Lookback, which @Nicholas kindly shared in this thread. It’s very interesting to digest your thoughts, opinions, and workflows around user testing and research! I usually grab every moment I get to do so (I’m working remote).

A quick rundown of Lookback:

  • We’ve been around since ~2013, the core iOS product was created within Spotify.
  • We’re available for Android, iOS, tvOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Chromebook (in different variations).
  • We currently have very good support for qualitative research (video material, duh), in moderated and unmoderated formats – remote and in-person.
  • This fall, we released two products which we think will make many lives easier: Participate and Live. Participate is our remote testing product, and Live is real-time remote testing (!).
  • We integrate with Invision,, and Marvel.

There are really tons of cool things to do in the user research space right now (I personally am sooo eager to build them!).

I’m available here for any questions or thoughts around our stuff, or generally just how you work and what’s missing from empowering you in your daily work to build dope products :zap:


Awesome, @johan! Lookback sounds fantastic.

Also, welcome to the Unbounce Community! :spinbounce: :slight_smile:


Great thread!

(+)1 for Hotjar and

Lookback use to have a completely free plan that integrated with Invision, it was awesome! Still a great product! They also are the team behind


Unicorns looks very useful! Thanks for sharing it. Didn’t know they were behind it either.