User Name & Password selection on an Unbounce Page?


Has anyone used Unbounce to create a registration page where User Name & Password selection are part of the page? I was thinking that maybe using the custom HTML field on the form might work but before I suggest it to the developer I was wondering if anyone has tried the in the past.

Here is an image of the functionality I am hoping to accomplish using Unbounce.…


Password fields for registration forms

Hi there - and thanks for the suggestion! I’m a little curious as to what you would use this for, could you give me a bit of background on this use case? More specifically, what are you looking to use the username and password for?


As registration to the site.

Here is the url currently used:…

We would change quite a bit with an Unbounce page but the “Login Information” section would have to look to their database & backend functionality. I was wondering if this could be pulled into the form using the custom HTML field? Is this or something similar ever done with Unbounce?



Thanks for clearing that up!

I might have a solution that could fit your needs, but it would require a bit of a workaround so I’m going to ask a few more questions just to be sure.

What exactly are you looking to use landing pages for? I see you already have a registration page in place, so are you simply looking to recreate different versions of this page and test them out? Also, how will you be sending traffic to this page?


Yes there is a registration page in place but as you can see it leaves a lot to be desired. :wink:

I am looking for an easy way to add all of the Unbounce design and testing capabilities to this page. Their lead gen strategy includes registration which provides access to content.

We could replace this page and/or create different versions of it for different purposes.

Sources would be Paid Media, Social Media, Organic Search, External Links, etc.



So technically, what you’re looking for can be achieved. The biggest challenge is that you’re looking to collect sensitive password data, and since Unbounce doesn’t have support for SSL just yet, we strongly advise against collecting this data as it will be stored in plain text in our DB. As an alternative, you can embed a solution from 123ContactForm, which not only offers obscured password forms, but can store data securely in their DB.

However, I’d like to highlight another thought I had about this situation. At our core, Unbounce was developed as a landing page builder. Sometimes, registration pages aren’t necessarily a great spot to land when coming from Paid Media, SocMed, Search, etc. With that being said, it might be worth building a few landing pages which highlight your features and unique value propositions, and segmenting some of your traffic towards them, with the CTA leading them to click through and register. That way you can simply redesign your registration page on your own site once, and instead focus on highlighting your value propositions to educate your potential customers before they register.

Just a thought, but I’d be curious to hear what you (or other members of the community) think about this approach.


Hi Justin,

Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I think we’ll look to other solutions for the registration page but agree 100% that Unbounce will be fine for general lead capture (pre-registration) or for sending them to the registration page or some combination.

Thanks again!


That might be the better route for now. Overall, we want you to be successful in your marketing efforts – and although there is a workaround to achieve what you’re looking for, you might find more success with a more direct solution.

Also, super happy to hear that! If you ever want to chat about integrating landing pages into your marketing funnel - just let me know. justin.v (at) unbounce (dot) com

Finally, I highly suggest checking out the Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course. It’s a free resource we’ve put together that has a ton of useful info about conversion focused design. I think you’ll get a lot of use out of it!

All the best going forward! :slight_smile:


Hey Y’all,

I believe I’m the exact same place as KJoy, which as I interpret is trying to use unbounce to test root and sub domain pages (as well as landing pages).

Which begs to ask, is SSL support coming in the unbounce future?

BTW, I’m loving how intuitive the program is. High marks.


Hi Mike - SSL is definitely coming. Along with responsive pages, a scripts manager (for applying scripts and tags to all pages on a certain domain at once), and better spam filtering, SSL is right at the top of our road map of larger items that we’re currently working on.

A lot of these things have been in the plans for awhile, but we’ve been able to expand our Dev and Product teams substantially in the last month or so, which is going to allow us to put a lot more Dev work in going forward.

Glad to hear you’re finding Unbounce easy to use as well! If you do run into any issues or need clarification about anything, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout!