User experience question. Do navigation-less landing pages frustrate users? Advice needed!


I’m very new to landing page design and looking at unbounce ‘v’ modifying existing web pages.

In terms of the later, I’ve removed my site navigation and footer, leaving a single call to action (plus the site logo, which links back to the homepage).

My question is born out of lack of experience, but if a user lands on my page and ISN’T at the point where they want to provide details, how do I avoid them bouncing off the site. Should I have a “find out more” link somewhere, how prominently should it feature and so forth.

The page in question is for a niche ‘physical’ service business, so figuring out an absolutely compelling online CTA is quite difficult, I’ve taken the approach of offering a free PDF guide to the service/industry.

I would really value your feedback on this.


Hi Bee,

Welcome to the Unbounce Community - hope we can help!

Be great if you could share a bit more information on us - service, current site etc ?

One thing about A/B testing is that you can work out the answer to your question hypothesis by performing an experiment. i.e. ‘Does the user want more information in my niche’ ? - so one page could be short form - with not much info and the other a page with lots of info. Drive some traffic to the pages and see which one performs the best !

Fire some more info over and we’ll see if we can offer some more advice …




Hi Bee,

Great to see someone else from the UK here ! I’m a UK based analyst and optimiser.

Ok so where is the traffic coming from ? Are you using PPC/social/email ?


Ah excellent, good to meet you! Right now it is all organic (and a bit of social). The foray into landing pages is a pre-cursor to (perhaps) adding some PPC into the mix. Or better still: converting organic traffic.

My other (hypothetical) A/B test would be to offer nothing, other than a “complete this form to get a free quote” - as I’m not really certain that my offer of a free guide has genuine value to the film & tv people I hope to bring on board as customers.



Hi Bee,

Great questions and I see my friend, Amit has already given you some great advice!  If the traffic volume is too low for A/B testing with actual statistical significance, you could really benefit from user testing.  The beauty is, you can understand the perspective of your visitors and find the “sticky points” that stop them from moving forward. 

In regards, to removing the navigation, that is a common best practice that removes the potential distractions from your call to action…not to say that best practices are sure fire successes!

I would recommend checking out Unbounce’s new acquisition, GetRooster, to study the use of exit overlays in saving bounces.  The concept is that it detects when a user is going to bounce i.e. moving cursor towards the back button and gives an exit overlay module to try and capture them one more time.  This is a great opportunity to offer an extra limited time offer or extra educational value to save the lead.

Beyond that, keep reading through all of the posts here on the community and learn from other users’ experiences :-) 

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance! 




Hi Bee

Yep all as Joe says - and def GetRooster is an awesome idea.

Your goal here is lead generation - and you’re offer of the free guide works as a ‘lead magnet’ - however I would tend to agree with you - it’s worth in the industry might be questionable right now.

However what we do know is there are loads of people who need your services. I have two clients who are creative agencies who spring to mind as the kind of people you want to target. What you really need to do is understand what they want - what’s the conversation going on in their mind before they come to your page. To get that you really need to actively drive traffic to your page. Organic traffic takes time to build - it can be done but it will take time  - PPC is the way to get there quickly - but that will take some cost.

If that’s what you decide - then you can decide how you want to test. Maybe in the initial stages a long form vs short form page is the best way to get a good understanding of the market.

My thoughts would be a great explainer video with no more than 1 - 1.5 mins worth of your best shots captured in a showreel - and then some great UVP and CTA’s …

And for what it’s worth - I absolutely recommend you use Unbounce - it’s the best way you can get the learnings in quickly and start to build traction.

If you fancy chatting let me know and I’ll get in touch.




Great advice, Joe! :wink:


Great call, Amit! My gut instinct tells me that a service that specializes in video production should have a demo reel that speaks for itself. Great points!


Couldn’t agree more!  Amit and Justin are on point once again.

As you continue to refine and segment landing pages it would be great to have drone service for (example: roofing) and show a highlight reel on that particular landing page for (example: many different roofing inspections).  Just an idea :slight_smile:




Thanks Amit, sure - I can show you where I got to with the current site - nb: the form doesn’t go anywhere yet!

My only question around the separate issue of A/B testing is search volume / traffic, as a UK niche site I _expect_ traffic to be low, so not sure how successful A/B testing is going to be.