Use same pop-up for two different buttons on same landing page

I’m currently using two different pop-ups for two different buttons on the same landing page, but both forms for the pop up are the same so I was wondering if it’s possible to use the same pop-ups for the 2 buttons.

The trigger for the pop-up is set to when a visitor clicks an element (in this case the button), and the current setting only allows me to add one ID (#lp-pom-button-xxx).

Is there a way to work around this so I can just set one pop up for two buttons?

Hi, when you say pop-up, are you referring to Unbounce’s Popups that are built independently of the page, or Unbounce’s lightbox feature within the page builder?

Hi Nicholas,

I’m referring to Unbounce’s built in pop feature. The one located below the pages section. (Pop ups and sticky bar)

Let me know if this solution works for you:


Awesome! Thank you so much for this Nicholas!

Just to confirm, let’s say I have two separate landing pages but I still want to use the same pop up for multiple buttons on those two pages, would the pop up still trigger as long as I set the pop ups URL paths to All URLs and also set the same class for all of the buttons on different pages?

Yes, correct, it will work across multiple pages as long as you use the same exact class. And of course assuming the popup script is installed on both pages, either at the page level or domain-wide.

Thanks for confirming Nicholas! Great help!

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