Use root domain as unbounce page?


I setup a subdomain as a CNAME. Is there a way to use it without requiring a trailing page name? I’d like to use as the unbounce page, not


Hey Salim,
This is a great idea and something we’ll factor in very soon, along with fixing the Fedora root page for custom domains. Thanks for the feedback!



Any news on this yet? I have a wasted advert and landing page now, because I thought it was pointing to the root.


Hi AJK - we do recognize that this is important and it is definitely on the road-map. We can’t give you a date when the functionality will be ready, but we’ll be sure to let everyone here know when it happens.

Very sorry to hear that you have experienced some wasted effort. It would be great to know a little more about how the problem came about. The actual url for the page is displayed fairly prominently in the interface - was it displayed to you in an incorrect way for instance? or was it unclear in some way?


I looked from the point of view of how I usually create a landing page which is an index. file under a subdomain. I saw the option of custom domain and thought that the whole url would be customizable. I didn’t read more about this feature, because of my assumption and I first had to create the advert, add the landing page url to it, then create the landing page and publish it.

When you go to customize url (not the current version, but previous version), it didn’t specify that the url was going to add the page name add the end of the url. It only said to enter your subdomain name. I assume the sub directory (page name) would disappear, because the example inside the customize section didn’t display it inside the url (if I now remember this correctly).

It is now unfortunately a wasted effort to impress the CEO with your kewl tool.I see you have now changed this option, but there is still now way to do the root as a url. You have to add the sub directory (Unbounce page name).


Thanks for the feedback AJK, we’re glad you are at least finding things a bit clearer now.

Still sorry to hear about your experience. We’ll let you know when the root domain functionality is in place and hopefully we can persuade you and your CEO to give Unbounce another try.


I had the exact same problem as Salim. I don’t want the /pagename in the url of my custom domain. It didn’t occur to me reading the instructions that this was the case. That’s a bit annoying and unnecessary.


Hi Mihai.

I was searching for a similiar answer and was happy to find the FAQs now say it is possible.…


Thanks guys. Problem solved. Happy happy, joy joy. Keep up the good work!


Hi there. The link is now dead. Is there an updated link for this?…


Hi webuyhouses512. Many thanks for pointing to our FAQ article.

The ability for customers to be able to have an Unbounce page appear at the root level of a domain with or without a subdomain has been available for a while now but for some reason this thread did not get updated. Very sorry for that.

The Link that you have provided provides some (hopefully helpful) instructions on how to get rid of an unwanted path.

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