Use Formsite instead of Wufoo?


I need to use Formsite as my forms provider instead of Wufoo since FS integrates nicely with my merchant services provider, and Wufoo doesn’t. Is there any way I can embed a Formsite form in an Unbounce page?


Hi Thomas–I haven’t tested Formsite first hand, but if you are using one of their embedded forms, there shouldn’t be any issue using them on an Unbounce page. You can just create a custom HTML element on your page and then paste the Formsite embed code there. Here’s a quick overview of adding custom HTML to your page:…


Thanks - I did get it to work!


Awesome! If you notice any issues, please don’t hesitate to follow-up here or via


I’m trying to add a from FormSite at Javascript section, but is returning a error (invalid). Could you help me please? Thank you very much!