Usability Testing Tools


Hi all,

A big part of landing page optimization is usability testing. This is different from conversion rate optimization, in that with usability testing, we’re looking at how users interact with the page, issues they might encounter, task completion, etc.

I wanted to share a helpful tool that I recently stumbled upon for this type of stuff. It’s called UsabilityHub. They have a lot of different tests, but one that is very useful is called the “five second test.” You basically show an image/screenshot/website for 5 seconds, and then ask 1 question to the testers.

I recently did a test of the above-the-fold section of my homepage (seen below)…

… and in a matter of minutes I had 20 responses from people who were asked to explain what the page is about in one sentence. Remember, they only saw the image for 5 seconds. Here’s what they said:

!( 1_ UsabilityHub_inline.png?1465348736 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1429999/RackMultipart20160608-98998-1sg7s0t-Homepage_Test__1___UsabilityHub_inlinepng1465348736”)

They even give you a nice word cloud of the more frequently used words in the responses.

!( 1_ UsabilityHub_2_inline.png?1465348790 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1430001/RackMultipart20160608-66701-1jmmvu7-Homepage_Test__1___UsabilityHub_2_inlinepng1465348790”)

Imagine how helpful this can be to help you get your messaging correct!

Well, I just wanted to share this awesome tool with you all, since it seems to go well with Unbounce pages and A/B testing in general. I am not affiliated with it in any way.

Are there any other cool usability testing tools you know about? Please share!


Thanks so much for sharing this, Nicholas. I know we’ve used Usability Hub for a few different things when testing internally… I’ll try and see if we can share some examples. I’m a big fan of community sourced critiquing and feedback, so this is right up my alley.

Also, props on your “five second test” being a solid pass.


Hi Nicholas - great to see that you are using Usabilityhub!

I love them and use them every day in my work here at Unbounce. I know Oli uses them as well. They are in fact also an Unbounce Partner (we just don’t have them on the website yet). 

I use 5 second test all the time as it is a fantastic way of gauging how users intuitively react to and decipher your landing pages and ads. 

In my opinion and experience, doing conversion research is much more important than split testing. I’m NOT saying that split testing isn’t valuable (it is super valuable), my point is that your hypotheses, tests and results will be much, much better if you do your homework up front. So BIG high five to you my man! 

UsabilityHub, HotJar and Google Analytics are my main conversion research resources. I haven’t spent much time looking for alternatives to UsabilityHub. 


Thanks Michael. That means a lot coming from you. Big fan of your work. Great to hear that Unbounce is already using UsabilityHub. Seems like very few folks outside of the CRO space know about it, but that is changing.


Awesome share, Nicholas!

I’ve been meaning to get more invested in CRO through usability testing, but I knew finding the right tool would be a challenge. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!


Glad you find it useful Stefano. Yes, there are so many tools out there these days! Other ones that I use in this space are Hotjar, UserTesting, and UsabilitySquare.


Hey Stefano! Great post! Working at a CRO agency myself, we use a couple other tools not listed that I think you’ll find awesome!

  • FullStory - like HotJar, but don’t need to setup autotagging to filter recordings by certain elements, clicks etc.
  • - like UserTesting, but considerably cheaper!

Thanks again and I hope the tools come in handy!
P.S. I love the five second test!


thanks for sharing Preston!


That’s really nice and informative. Though I don’t know much about this but interested to try it.