URL to Landing page with lightbox versus just the lightbox

Is it possible to find the URL to a lightbox and have it be visible on the original landing page as a pop-up versus just a direct link to the lightbox itself?

I was able to find the direct links to the lightbox using the inspect tool, but I’d like for people to be able to close out of the lightbox to view the main landing page.

Example of what I am looking to achieve: In an email, we’d like to add the direct link to the different topics (lightboxes) we have on a landing page so that if they click on a topic, it brings them right to the topic…but instead of them having to go back to the email to click on another topic…we’d like for them to be able to close out of that lightbox to see the other topics.

In summary, I am looking for a direct link/URL to this view:

Hi Amanda, welcome to the Unbounce community :tada:

I think for your use case it would be easier to use popups instead of lightboxes, it would enable you to make the popups show via a URL parameter.

You can set the Trigger and Frequency to appear ‘on arrival’, which will appear when the user lands on your page. From there, they can exit out of the popup to view the additional page content.

Here’s a PDF with some popup best practices. And here’s some documentation if you are new to popups, it will show you how to set up the ‘on arrival’ setting.

Let me know if you have any questions about this :slight_smile: happy to help!


Hi Jess,

Thanks so much for your quick reply. We have 9 pop-ups on the one page though. Within the email email will be sending out, we are wanting to add each of those “pop-ups” as topics within the email so they can click on a topic and be brought right to that pop-up…but for those who are going to the page outside of the email…we don’t want them to actually pop-up right away. Only if they click on the button.

Is there a way to achieve both scenarios/get a link that forces each of the pop-ups to show versus the general/main page link that the pop-ups don’t automatically pop-up?

Thanks so much!

Hmmm that sounds complicated :laughing: @Amanda_Syrjamaki

I can think of some alternatives. But you can still link directly to a lightbox, and add a close button in the lightbox. That close button is linked to the main unbounce page.

The user clicks the email button. Views the lightbox page (there is no ‘x’ in the corner). They can convert or choose the close button which is really just a link to the Unbounce page.

For example…