Url refrerrer strings on subdomain


I have unbounce pages running on a subdomain and utm parameters being passed into my analytics. Source = unbounce and medium = landing page

I see these parameters are specified in the conversion goals url. What I would prefer to have is the source/medium of e.g. google/cpc

If I remove my own parameters, will I correctly get the normal Google parameters passed through?



Hey Fergus! If I understand correctly, it looks like you’re getting self-referrals?

If that’s the case, one of the most common reasons for seeing your landing page as a referrer is if you have at least one subdomain besides your www website. Google Analytics counts traffic from one subdomain to the other as referral traffic. That being said, there are many causes for self-referralsand it’s often tricky to puzzle out. I’ve opened up a support ticket so we can dig in. Check your login email!


Hey Fergus - it looks like Johnny was able to solve this problem for you. He suggested passing incoming URL parameters to outgoing button links.

If we’ve misunderstood you, or if you have any additional questions - please don’t be shy - we’re always happy to help!