URL Parameters Passed to Form Fields


Is it possible to craft a URL so that the form fields will be prepopulated with the data from the URL parameters? i.e when I send out emails to a distribution list the url is something like http://xxx.domain.com/landing-page.ht…

When the user clicks on it the URL the form fields are pre-populated with the data corresponding to the parameters in the URL


Hi Peter,
Excellent question.

I’d like to understand the context of use a little better to help us answer you in the best way.

If you are sending an email to a distribution list you already have them as a lead (in some fashion). So I’m curious about the types of use case that you would send them back to a landing page containing another form.

I can think of a few examples, like registering for a webinar, but I’d love to hear about the type of functionality or goals you have in mind.



The argument would be to improve conversions. Think of it from the user side. You’ve sent me an email so you already know at least three pieces of information about me (email, first name, last name) so why don’t you auto-populate that information in the form on the landing page.

From the other side if we can auto-populate as much information as possible it improves the chance the user will actually click Submit on the form.

Just because we have them as a lead doesn’t mean they automatically get signed up for any new offers that we have.


Hi Peter! We’re currently discussing where these sorts of capabilities fit on our roadmap. To be honest, we’re debating how much to expand our built-in form functionality vs. integrating a third-party service that has features like this already. Can I ask which email marketing service you’re using?


Hi guys!

Any progress on this? I was just thinking of the same question!


Hi Michael,
I have no idea how this thread stayed unresolved for so long! We’ve had this feature for a number of months now - you can see the FAQ about it here:


Hope that helps!