URL parameter


I have used dynamic word insertion in Adwords but I want to do it correctly in Unbounce. I understand how it works just that I do not know what value would go in the parameter option of the URL when configuring the DTR. Maybe the question is basic but it would help me a lot. Thanks in advance!! :smiley:


Hey there,

You can pick your own values when configuring the URL in Adwords. Then you just match what you used in the ad and place it in the DTR in Unbounce.

Your AdWords ads could link to https://myunbouncepage.co/testing?dentist=toothbrush

Then in Unbounce select your DTR and add your parameter “dentist” and value “toothbrush”

Here is an article with some helpful videos and how-tos for Dynamic Text Replacement.

I’ve tagged the url so it leads directly to the creating URL’s part.


Yes, as @Kyle.C mentioned above, that’s exactly how you would do it. It’s up to you what your parameter and values are.