Uploading images to unbounce page increases the file sizes greatly


I use Tinypng.org to shrink image file sizes but when I upload these images to an unbounce page they increase in size - almost 3x!

What do you do to images in the background?

Original File:

File on unbounce page:


Seems to be the same issue uploading to here so looking less like an unbounce issue.


Hey Pascal, sorry you’re running into issues with this. I’d hazard a guess that GetSatisfaction is using the same tool we are to process uploaded images, and that’s why you’re seeing the same behaviour in both products. We’ll log a bug for this one.

As a workaround, I know it’s not perfect and you’d lose transparency so it might not work with your page design, but could you use jpg format instead?


Thanks for responding Carl, that’s what we’ve done for now. Thought I was going mad for a while there!


Carl, it’s been 1 year, and the problem is still here.

Some files that can’t be used as jpg because of transparency, like “boxee-shattered-pattern.png” in the unbounce library, take up to 375KB, where the optimized version is 3x smaller.

This leads to really bad scores when testing a page against google page speed insights: https://developers.google.com/speed/p…
and I would not be surprised if it also affects page ranking…


has there been any fix applied for this? i have a 90k png that is being turned into an almost 300k file, verified that unbounce is doing this.

this is REALLY slowing down my page. can unbounce chime in on this? what is the reason to make pngs triple in file size?



*bump* Any news on this guys? Page speed is a massive factor especially as more and more people visit websites via 3G or 4G on their mobiles (i.e. cellular data, not wifi). Coupled with hosting in US, this issue is creating major lag for our pages… I don’t want to have to move away from Unbounce (I’m a huge advocate), but this could be a deal breaker if we can’t have control over our own image sizes…


Sorry for the delay here, Noelle. I’m not super well versed on what happens to our images behind the scenes, so I’m going to have someone from our UX/Product team chime in with a solid answer. Hang tight!


Okay, so my app-team have advised that when an image is upload we process it to optimize for web colour formats, image dimensions, and image size. We’ve got it nearly perfect, but currently _some _colour PNGs increase in size. We’re still working on adjusting the processing parameters but changing them affects all other file types (gifs, black PNGs, black and colour JPGs), so it’s tricky.

The best workaround is, if it’s possible, use a JPG. If the image must be a PNG, changing the bit rate may help.