Uploading Images on Forms


Does anyone know if there is an option to upload an image as part of a form? I need the generic email, first name, last name but I also need to allow our clients to upload a before and after picture. Thanks!


Hi there! We don’t yet have the ability to allow any kind of file uploading on an Unbounce form. You could check out Wufoo, which I believe does allow file uploads. What sort of campaign are you putting together?


Hi Alexandra,

I ran into this same problem myself. I use a Silverpop form and place it into a custom html box but I kept having button image issues. For some reason, my form’s submit image was really finicky–I think it had something to do with the fact that I placed the form into a table to help organize the fields better. My form would not work at all unless I removed the tag lines to outside of the table.

Anyways, to solve my button issue, as I said before, I placed my form code into a custom html box. I also created a style sheet to define a class for my fields, text, and button. In the class, I set my button as a background image and defined the button width/height/ and background color. I had to upload the button image itself to my company’s website, and I linked the image in my background tag defined in my class. Of course, in the custom html box, I had to apply the class to the submit input tag line.

I hope the two sets of code shows below. The first is the class that goes in my CSS file.

border: none;  
align: center;  
valign: middle;  
background-color: #535353;  

This is the line in my form that pertains to the submit button itself.

<input class="button" name="Submit" type="submit" value="">  

I hope this might help you-- or someone else with a similar problem.


Let’s try the submit button code line again…

<input class="button" name="Submit' type=" submit value="">  


gah, okay. I’ll not put the opening and closing brackets.

input class=“button” name=“Submit” type=“Submit” value-""


Thanks for both of the responses. I did decided to go with wufoo before seeing your reply, Jennifer.

I work for a weight loss company. The landing page will allow a client to upload their before and after pictures and tell their weight loss success story on our landing page. Right now we do everything on paper so I’m trying to make this easier to manage via the web AND capture more testimonials and content.



Get Satisfaction is pretty frustrating for pasting in code examples – you have to replace all of the less-than and greater-than quotes (< + >) with their html code equivalent: "< + >"
thanks for sharing your code and feedback though!


we are using unbounce to create landing pages for a recruitment campaign, and would be really cool if the form integration feature offered a ‘upload’ field so that candidates could upload their CVs directly on the landing page…

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