Upload Files (Images, Documents) into the Form


Since you’ve just joined Unbounce, maybe there’s hope for you yet. :wink:

Anyway, check out something no one on Unbounce will ever admit to - https://community.unbounce.com/unboun…



All the best, kick some CRO ass.

Since you’ve just joined Unbounce, maybe there’s hope for you yet. :wink:

Anyway, check out something no one on Unbounce will ever admit to - https://community.unbounce.com/unboun…



I fully realise that I’m replying to a 3 year old msg. I think Unbounce is now old enough that it needs to start explaining why it decided not to implement certain features. There are a whole bunch of unaddressed feature issues & qns which no one from Unbounce has explained why they cannot be achieved. Makes one wonder whether the focus is on product and technical superiority OR on growth and marketshare. Impossible to do both at the same time…

Believe me, giving a good technical explanation why something is not technically possible (with real world examples for your artistic friends like me or those who are even less tech savvy) is better than not answering the question. And there are *many* unanswered qns on the community.



As a product manager at Unbounce, it is always frustrating to not be able to provide all the features people want, immediately. 

The reality is, we build features as quickly as we can, in an order that provides the most impact for the most number of customers. For example, since the beginning of January, we’ve released 12 significant customer facing features or feature improvements (e.g. Marketo integration, SSL support, improved library performance and bulk asset upload), a huge number of new templates and many back end improvements and bug fixes.

There are also some major new features that will be released in the next few weeks. (You might have heard about the WordPress integration that’s now in beta testing.)

I can see in the thread that people are wondering why we are not building a “no brainer” feature like the ability to upload assets. The simple answer is, it’s because we are building something else. You may disagree with how we prioritize things but I can assure you that when we look at our current backlog of features, we work very hard to make sure that we are continuously improving the software for all our customers.



Hi Paul - I think you guys are doing a wonderful job managing a semi-impossible flow of demands. The fervor for new features is a testament to how well Unbounce fits a need and how important it’s become to so many businesses. Keep up the great work!

Thank you,
-Roy (10 years working with landing pages)


Hi! I’m thinking about starting a 3D printing business and it would be awesome if my leads could upload their files so I can send an invoice at first contact.

I manage 3 accounts of Unbounce (because I work at 2 digital marketing agencies and I have my own small business), and I think that this feature would be really useful for new campaigns I have in mind.

Hope you’re still considering to add this and thanks for such an amazing tool you done!



Just signed up to unbounce to create a landing page to collect CVs for recruitment purposes. Sad to find within 15 minutes that this isn’t a feature. I’m also sad that the workarounds mentioned earlier in the thread require additional payments to accept attachments in forms. I’d be keen to find out if this feature is likely to make it into Unbounce any time soon.



Would love to have this feature…


Is there a status on this feature? Is it coming or not?


Im currently looking at how I can get users to upload their CV. Doesn’t look possible with unbounce. is this in a future update?


Hi Aidan, 

In a recent AMA last week, the Unbounce team mentioned that rebuilding the form builder is on their roadmap for this year. 

But it might be a few months away. 

If you need a more immediate solution you have a few options:

  • Embed a 3rd party form that supports file uploads like Wufoo or 123ContactForm

  • Split your form into 2 parts. Capture the contact information upfront and redirect to a new page for the upload of the file. 



I would too love to have this feature. Please get it done asap - thanks


Wufoo or 123 are 15$ more out each month… just for this functionnality !


It’s a great pity that there won’t be a file upload function. This is really critical to our business. As a former software developer myself, I know that it is definitely a no brainer to add a file upload function. I wonder what is stopping you…

Fortunately, I’m on a 30 day trial subscription and that means I’ll be looking for an alternative provider who can offer this critical function. 


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My client needs his prospects to upload a copy of their industry license. Is this feature available and possible within Unbounce?


Any ETA on when this feature will be completed?


hi, any advance on this feature?


Guys PLEASE make this feature available quick!


Hi, I’m building a HR page, and would definitely need the “upload” feature in the form. Any news from the Unbouce team on this topic ? Thanks in advance for the answer


So I sort off found an affordable solution for wordpress websites:

  1. Get a basic Gravity form subscription ($59/year)
  2. Put the desired form on blanco page on your website, make the page unreachable(menu, links) and non-indexed
  3. Put an Iframe on your Unbouce page with the Gravity form.
  4. You may need to build an unique form for mobile on another page and make a unique section in Unbounce for mobile and desktop with an unique Iframe. Iframes can be responsive but not sure the content of the Iframe will be responsive.

Google Analytics

  1. You will now have to filter out the Unbounce page from Google Analytics otherwise you will track double because of the Iframe.
  2. Track conversions with the Gravityform build in events. You can easily find Youtube tutorials how to do that

Data export
Gravity form’s basic subscription can export data automatically to multiple email software such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign etc

Its not very simple, you have to put some effort in, but its an affordable solution :expressionless:

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