Upload Files (Images, Documents) into the Form


Would it be possible to develop an attachment upload when submitting a form for an upload. This could be particularly useful for candidates uploading CV’s etc


Hey there,
We have a bunch of improvements to lead-gen forms that we’ll be evaluating soon and this is one of them. Will keep this thread updated if we make progress on it. Thanks for your feedback!



Hello Unbounce,

Yes, this would be nice.

We have a recruitment landing page that we want them to add their CV to the form.

Looking forward to see this.


You should suggest a third party tools. Such Wufoo


Any progress about this?


Try Wufoo, because here, nothing happen


Hey all!

Sorry for the delay. As Maxime has mentioned, Wufoo will indeed be able to accept file uploads into the form. Not only that, but you can even integrate with Dropbox for even more customizability (such as automatically adding the files to a folder on your Dropbox). Check out Wufoo’s file upload feature here:

Alternatively, you could use a form from 123ContactForm, as they also support file uploads and have the additional benefit of being able to push leads back into Unbounce. Learn more about this functionality here:

A big thanks goes out to Maxime who suggested going this route long before we were able to. Again, sorry for the delay here!


I see the post that this feature will be coming soon was about a year ago. Any idea of when this feature might be implemented?


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Does anyone know if there is an option to upload an image as part of a form? I need the generic email, first name, last name but I also need to allow our clients to upload a before and after picture. Thanks!


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Is there a way to create an “upload” button? In other words, I would like visitors to have the option to upload documents (.doc, .pdf, etc.). Is there a way thru the buttons or is this done through the code somehow?



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Hi, I am directing users to my landing page using Facebook ads. I want them to upload images of the food they eat as an input to a research that I am doing. Is there a way to get users to upload an image to your landing page?


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Is there any way for a form to be set up with a file field?

We’d like to set up a form that can optionally have a CAD file attached to it.


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Hi, looking for a way with Unbounce to allow customers to upload a document via the unbounce form? Can Unbounce do this, or do i need something like wufoo?



Is Unbounce working on this? Is there an ETA ?



Another vote for this incredibly useful feature. Being able to add Upload File functionality to a lead form in Unbounce is important. Any updates?


This would be great. Please do so!


Its pretty ridiculous that you can say you will work on a feature and then do NOTHING about it for 2 years. Especially since this is something most form providers have and people are asking for, how hard can it be?


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how about “upload an image” and maybe even a guessed location as options in the form fields…

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This feature would be very useful.



I’ve just started my free trial and am blown away by Unbounce.  But the lack of this feature means that it’s of zero use.  I echo the comments above - to leave this kind of feature hanging for 3 years when there’s clearly a demand is terrible product management.