Upgraded plan, still showing Unbounce footer credit


Upgraded to paid plan, pages are still showing “built using the unbounce platform” in the footer. I can go make some small change to the page and re-publish, which will likely solve the problem, but that’s annoying and shouldn’t be the case.


Hi Vitaliy,
if you republish your pages, the unbounce bar will disappear


Sorry, just saw the end of your comment now :slight_smile: yes, that is annoying. We’ll be releasing the ability for you to do this without making a change in a couple of weeks.


Hmm while I hate to disagree, I think this is really a small issue compared to some of the other things that need to be worked on.

IMO, this should go low on the list but maybe you can add some instructions in the subscription confirmation email saying that the branding will disappear only after re-publishing.


Definitely a good point when it comes to priorities Jerome! Instructions are a great idea and something I will implement in the short-term. Thanks!