Upgrade your marketing 🚀 The Unbounce Conversion Intelligence Platform is here

Hello Unbounce Community!

By now, you may have already received an email from the Unbounce team with our big announcement - the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence Platform is officially here. :tada:

In case you missed it, check out all of the details below:

As you know marketing is changing, and it’s changing fast. The digital landscape is more competitive than ever; dominated by large players, big budgets, and saturated channels. To compete, having a landing page isn’t enough anymore — especially for small businesses.

In this new era of marketing, we’re laser-focused on helping you grow smarter and get your competitive edge back. That’s why today, we’re evolving from a landing page builder into a Conversion Intelligence Platform.

Conversion Intelligence pairs your marketing know-how with artificial intelligence to drive more conversions than going it alone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lean, mean marketing machine or a solo marketer, you’ll be backed by a new AI-powered team:

  • :construction_worker_man: Smart Builder: Designing from scratch is a thing of the past. With Unbounce’s 1.5 billion conversion data points, AI recommends the designs and copy that convert best for your audience.
  • :memo: Smart Copy: Write copy in minutes. Not days. Meet your AI copywriting assistant that writes anything from landing page copy, to your Facebook ads with just a few clicks :sparkles:.
  • :vertical_traffic_light: Smart Traffic: Say farewell to time-consuming A/B testing. Using machine learning, Smart Traffic predicts the variation of your landing page that visitors are most likely to convert on, increasing conversions on average by 30% over split tests.

Welcome to the era of Conversion Intelligence — and this is just the beginning.

To kick off the celebration of smarter marketing, we’re giving away 25 super special Conversion Intelligence and Unbounce swag bundles valued at $100 each :confetti_ball:! Enter the draw to win your prize by taking the quiz (and feel free to share your score in the comments below!)

Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox :inbox_tray: (and this community!) — over the next 3 weeks we’ll give you a closer look at what the future of Conversion Intelligence holds.

Which of the Conversion Intelligence tools excites you the most? Have you tried any of them out yet? Share in the comments below! :point_down:



Hey Amanda!

Does Unbounce sell shirts, hoodies, mugs? It’s my favorite company because you guys respond very quickly to my problems and I’ve been having problems for YEARS.


Hey Steve!

We love that you love Unbounce so much! We don’t currently have that set up, but I will definitely look into it for you :+1: In the meantime, make sure you complete the quiz (if you haven’t already!) for your chance to win a swag pack. Good luck and thanks again. :slight_smile: