Updates not Shown on live version

Hi everyone,

I’m here seeking help from your end. As updates i made on my unbounce pages aren’t shown at live view whereas when I check edit mode or preview mode everything is there. I tried to clear browser cache & check in different IP’s but the issue is same. Can you please guide me what i’m missing. Below are the link for live version:

http://unbouncepages.com/senior-home/ & /senior-home/thank-you

Here are the pages which I created but not showing in live version.

Hey @Saddam_Bhatti,

I think you and I have been chatting via e-mail via our main support channel. If you are still having any trouble with this, would you be able to give me a shout back via support@unbounce.com?

There are lots of variables here that could explain why you are not seeing changes in the page builder reaching your live page. It also doesn’t look like the URL you shared above is live anymore either. If you can give us a shout, we can revisit this together and go through some troubleshooting steps! :slight_smile:

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