Update: Unbounce Page Lookup Chrome Extension v3



A snazzy new update is out for the Unbounce Page Lookup Chrome Extension

If you’re not already familiar with the extension, here’s the gist:

It allows you to detect any Unbounce page, Popup, or Sticky Bar & get quick access to details, stats, & debug information without leaving your page.

An icon in the address bar will identify when you are viewing an Unbounce page, Popup, or Sticky Bar. If they belong to you, clicking on the icon will reveal details, stats, and debug information, as well as a direct link to the page overview and edit screens in Unbounce.

Click to Download from Chrome Extensions



Rather than “snazzy” new things on the fringe, it’d be GREAT to get better stats, which haven’t improved in the six years we’ve been using Unbounce. Like a timeline to look at how opt-ins are fairing over time. Currently, we can only see the total number of visitors and conversions.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be sure to pass this along to our team.

Also if you have a chance, I’d recommend creating a new feature request post here in the Community: https://community.unbounce.com/c/feature-requests



THIS IS AWESOME @Noah!!! Nice one! :muscle:


Necesito que por favor mi pagina web https://www.medicstetics.es/unidad-de-obesidad/,

se publique, he cambiado de http a https, y aun no ha sido actualizada, por favor necesito que esto se haga inmediatamente, ya que me parece un mal servicio.


Cool plugin! Works for me on pages in the default client but not working for pages in a separate client. Anyone experiencing similar results or just me?