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Hey everyone!

Jess here, Unbounce community o̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶r̶d̶ strategist :wave:

For many years, our Tips and Scripts category has served so many of our users to help them customize their Unbounce content to take it to the next level. Don’t worry, Tips and Scripts aren’t going anywhere, but I am going to be doing some spring cleaning in the next few weeks.

As the Unbounce app evolves, it’s possible that some of the scripts we have shared over the years may be impacted. That said, to make sure we’re offering the most up-to-date scripts for your pages, a team of us are going through each Tips and Scripts post to ensure it’s compatible with our current app. If we find a script that is no longer behaving the way that it should, we will either update or archive the script.

I wanted to give as much notice as possible here to allow for any questions or discussion. Feel free to reply in the comments below, happy to chat!



Genius :brain:

I love organization. That is going to be super helpful!


Will we be notified of a potential list of specific scripts that are impacted, or will it be case by case basis?

That’s a good news.
Script are great and we use plenty of them but i guess it’s messing with Unbounce plan to improve the form, which we really really need at the moment, more than any other features. Well for us at least.

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When you say “spring clean” does this mean getting rid of scripts that are no longer functional?
Maybe an idea to compile a list of those as a “bounty list”… I know there are a lot of scripts in there that make use of the shim to be backwards compatible with.

For example. There is a script in there for changing the validation error messages. Whilst this still works it’s reliant on that shim to work… I’ve been working on an alternate version making use of this.setCustomValidity(’"+val.error+"’);
So no reliance on the shim and makes use of the html5 validation…

Sooo would be cool to get both broken and shim reliant scripts on that bounty list :wink:


Upvote on comment from @TimothyDO from me :wink:


Apologies for the delay! We had a stat holiday here in Vancouver, I’ll go through these the best I can…

As of right now, the only script in the community that is no longer functioning is the Animated Confetti Script which was a result of the removal of our Jquery dependancy. However, as the Unbounce app evolves, some scripts may be impacted. We test as many workarounds as we can but since there’s no way we can test every script that each user has in their pages, sometimes a script may be impacted and we don’t know until we hear about it. We rely on the feedback shared here in the community, so if you notice scripts that have previously been working normally that no longer are, please let us know here. Hope that helps, Hannah!

Hi Timothy! Nope :slight_smile: I’ll be creating an “archive” of the existing workarounds and make them available to folks who still want to have them on hand.

I’ll share an update here for access to the archive once it’s ready. Until then, I won’t touch any of the existing workarounds.

Hope this helps!


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