Update Form Dropdown to "Not Required"


I’ve created a form with a dropdown, however it automatically marked itself as required and I do not see a clear way of marking it as not required.

Is it possible to mark form dropdowns as not required?

If so, can you point me to where I can mark a form dropdown as not required?


Unchecked dropdown validation option “first menu choice is not a valid value” and the field is no longer showing as required.

Not sure if this is intentional or not - but it solved the problem.


Hi Jon - thanks for getting in touch.

The dropdown menu option can be a little tricky. This is because although it’s ‘required’ and there appears to be no way to change this in the Design Your Form box, a way to work around it would be to uncheck the Validation Option called ‘First menu choice is not a valid value’. That way, the user will be able to use the first option which is blank and just leave it in that state when submitting the form even though it is required.

I hope this work around helps. Please let us know if you experience issues with it.

Jacquelyn M
Unbounce Customer Success

Form is making field "required" by default without a checkbox option

This is the intended behaviour. A drop down menu always has a an option selected. By default this is the first option in the menu. Sometimes you want a user to be required to select something else from the drop down menu.

For example if the drop down menu was for income, the first option might read “Please indicate your income” and the following options would be actual ranges of income. If you require this input then you are effectively saying you want the user to select an option from the drop down menu other than the first option. The first option is not a valid choice for income since it is not an actual value it is just an instruction.

On the other hand if you didn’t care about this input so much then you may just have the first option be a valid value which is set by default. The user can choose something else or just leave it as it is.