Unpublished pages are live if using the same url as previous test


When a page goes live, and is then deleted, any pages created after that page is deleted show up on that URL and are not “hidden” like the unpublished pages


That wasn’t confusing at all Carter - and since I had duplicated the previous campaign I assumed it was showing the new one. We’re not worried about the URL’s yet - it was a url for a product name we no longer use (tribute-videos).


Great, glad that solves it!


Hi Bob, the actual problem (which we are working on) is that when you delete a page from your dashboard, the published page is not actually taken down from your URL. So what you are seeing at the URL is the old page which you have deleted. Anything you do on your unpublished page will not be reflected at this URL until you republish. I know that sounds confusing, let me know if I should clarify better.

If there is a page you’d like us to manually take down in the meantime, just fire us an email to support@unbounce.com. Thanks for all the continued feedback!