Unpublish Page


How do you unpublish a published page? I don’t want to delete it. I just want to remove it from its published position.


Hi AJK, we have not yet implemented a solution to let you unpublish a page from within the UI but if you let us know which page you’d like to unpublish, we can manually take it down for you. Feel free to send the URL to support@unbounce.com. Thanks!


Hi Carter,
I face the same issue here.
Have things changed over the past 5 years?




Hi Marnix,
Absolutely things have changed! Unpublishing a page is very easy, just navigate to the overview screen for your page in the app and select “Unpublish Page” from the menu in the top right corner. See this screenshot for what I mean:

Let me know if that doesn’t help. Cheers!


It’s normal take more than 4 hours to unpublishing the page?