Unnbounce <> Klaviyo

hi there,
i want to integrate Klaviyo (Marketing Automation) with Unbounce.
There is a nice tutorial about using the web hook which works.

but since I am from Germany, everything needs to be GDPRy and so I need a double opt-in. the web hook unfortunately adds every lead immidiately to the Klaviyo List assuming they have opted-in.

Klaviyo blames Unbounce, because leads should not get on a list without double opt in.
from their site, there is no workaround (e.g. sending the double opt in manually).

do you guys have any idea?


@elenio -

First off, “GDPRy” is one of my favorite expressions now.

What I’d do, I think, is add an opt-in field to your Unbounce form. Then you could use Zapier – not the native integration – to hook the systems up. Zapier allows for conditional logic (e.g., “only continue if”). That would let you block the user from Klaviyo if they didn’t check the box.

Alternatively, you could send them to a “quarantine” list within Klaviyo that triggers a double opt-in email (e.g., “click here to opt in,” then use an automation to add them to your mailing list upon a click. A period culling of the quarantine list would keep your Klaviyo nice and clean.

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hi Adam,
thanks a lot. Zapier is not an option due to costs.
regarding your second idea is what I am trying to do now.

thanks a lot

@elenio -

Sounds good! Though I will argue that Zapier is well worth the price, even at the high end. :wink:

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Hi Elenio, I saw this post today and thought this could be useful for you:

It shares some highlights from their success of connecting Klaviyo<>Unbounce among other tools. Hope it’s useful to you!