Unique URL of form confirmation dialogue?


I’ve set up a page with form that displays a form confirmation dialogue when submitted.

I’d like to track conversions from this in Facebook. But in order to do this, I need to give Facebook the URL of the conversion page.

Does the form confirmation dialogue have its own, unique URL that I can plug into Facebook? If not, is there another workaround for this?


Hi @Andy2,

You can find the URL structure for the confirmation dialogues right here.
(It’s basically the letter of your variation followed by -form_confirmation.html. Ex: /a-form_confirmation.html)

However, ideally you should be tracking conversions with your Facebook pixel rather than relying on the URL.

Here you can find how to add the Facebook pixel to your page and to your Thank You popup.
(Important! - The Thank You popup has a bit more script in order to push back the conversion to Facebook)



Very cool, thanks very much!



Just t make sure: if I want to exclude on a facebook ad the audience that had already submitted the form (to avoid duplicated leads), I can use the confirmation dialog url (and exclude those who visited this url, of course), am I right? This url works on this? (My doubt relies on the fact that form confirmation dialog is a pop up and does not change the landing page url when shows up).

Thanks! :slight_smile: