Unique coupon codes given to users?


I’d like to give unique coupon codes generated by Amazon to each user that submits their email address. I’m thinking maybe a new landing page that pops up displaying the coupon code as well as an email that is sent out to the person containing the coupon code would be good.

Is there a way to do this via unbounce?


Hi @brainwave,

Based on your post, the process you are trying to put together won’t differ much whether you are using Unbounce or not.

You need a way to get the coupon code that Amazon generates and display it on your page. That would depend entirely on how Amazon handles these codes and whether it offers and kind of an API.

The emailing of said codes should be pretty trivial through your email marketing platform of choice. Unbounce integrates natively with the biggest providers and the more niche email providers can be integrated through Zapier.



Amazon can generate these coupon codes and put them into a text file. This text file could potentially contain 10k unique codes.

How would I go about integrating a unique code per email if I use mailchimp (in an automated way) and how would I go about displaying this unique coupon code on the webpage?