Unique "coupon Code" upon registration?


Hey Everyone -

Would love some help with this. We’re trying to create an outcome page for a moving company where we would provide a “coupon code” upon registration (show on the confirmation page) so that we can track coupon users in their CRM?

Would be great if this could be added to a hidden field as well so that we can pipe this over through the webhook into their CRM.

Love some feedback if you’ve been able to do this, if you use a third party or whatever. Thanks!


Hey Matthew!

Have you used Woobox before? You can create coupons pretty easily using their integration, here’s a helpful link: https://woobox.com/coupons

I know @Stefano has used it for coupon downloads (the user had to enter their e-mail to receive a time-limited coupon), it’s relatively simple, it’s just code that you embed onto your page. @digibomb also has a lot of experience with coupon code embeds.

If either of them are able to chime in here, they’d have some helpful tips for you. Hope this helps a bit! Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Hey @jess tks for the shout out.

I have indeed worked with coupon codes before. @Matthew_Dollinger message me and I’ll see if I can help you through this.



So sorry for the late reply. I’ve used woobox backed in 2015 not sure how much it has changed. Loved the platform, but I hate that I had to embed their form in our landing page.

Not sure if you’d be able to use another tool to get the Unbounce form & woobox to work together, but if you could, I would likely use them again.

Would love to hear what you come up with @Matthew_Dollinger!