Ungroup for deleting individual items? Undo button?


Two questions:

  1. How can I ungroup images on one of the landling page templates? I am trying to delete an image box that contains the lead generation email field and Notify Me button. I want to keep fields and buttons but delete the image box they rest on/in.

  2. How can you undo a change?



1). At present you can’t move things from one container (the box) to another. So if you delete the box you will also delete everything in it. You can however delete the image and/or change the background properties of the box to be transparent and remove the border. I am not sure what template you are using exactly.

2). Undo/Redo is coming very soon!



Thanks for the reply, Justin.

I’m using the the Lead Gen - Coming Soon template. Essentially, I am trying to change the color of the blue background image around the email field, but keep the same functionality. Is there a simple way to do this?


Hi Greg,

The blue box that contains the form components has a background image and a border applied to it. You can change these properties by doing the following:

First select the box. It is named “Lead Gen Area”. It is easy to see what you have selected if you open the left hand panel that show the page contents. To open the panel click on the small white arrow in the vertical black bar that is along the left edge of the editor.

Once you have the “Lead Gen Area” box selected, look to the properties panel in the right. Under “Background Properties” section click the remove button. This will remove the background image.

Above this is the “Border Properties” section. Select “None” from the drop down menu label Border if you would like to remove the border.

If you would like to change the color of the box, click on the color swatch under “Background Properties” and pick a new color.

I hope this helps you achieve what you have in mind.




Hi Greg - just in response to your second question – we rolled out Undo/Redo support in the editor yesterday. Happy Undoing!


When do you plan on adding the ability to move content from one box (group) to another?


This is a feature we have been working on. It is currently being tested and should be rolled out sometime in the next couple of months.


Thanks Justin. Much needed feature. Especially when a client wants you to reorder those snazzy feature lists.