Undo reset stats?

Is there any way of undo reset of stats? We lost all data…

Hey there - I’m deeply sorry to say this, but once your stats are reset it’s a permanent action that cannot be undone. Hope not too much data was lost.


lots of data. not good, not good. no logs?

Hey there to the Admin Startshop team!

I tried to create a Support Ticket for you, but I can’t seem to find your login email. Would you be able to shoot us an email at support[at]unbounce[dot]com . As Johnny mentioned, we don’t have the tools on our front-end to restore your stats, but we can try our best to see if there is anything we can do on our back-end.


Hi lou. My login email is: admin@startshop.no

Thanks! Expect a follow up from us shortly.

is this still the case that we cannot refresh