Underline colour for link



The underline colour in my URL links keeps going blue & I want a different colour.

Thanks, Amanda


Hi Adam,
In the Page Properties tab:

you can change the default link colour which applies to all links on the page:

Try changing that to the colour that you want your links to be and see if that helps.


Great - worked - thanks!

… final question, what about if I want 2 different coloured links on my page?


… just worked it out.


nope, didn’t work - any suggestions?


You can actually go into the HTML and change the inline code if you wish. You have to click on “source” to get to the code.


nope, only changes the font, not the underline colour - any other suggestions?

(thanks for all your help & your persistence)



You can use a “border-bottom: 1px solid #color” and set that link’s “text-decoration: none”