"undefined is no longer available" text on upper left corner of page


With the preview and the published page the text “undefined is no longer available” comes up twice in the upper right hand corner. any ideas on how to get rid of this?? 

This is with the produkto template


You might have duplicated the same text block. Are you saying that you only see the duplicated text in the preview and published pages, but not in the actual builder? Also, is it showing up on both the desktop and mobile versions?


Yes i only see the dup text in the preview and published page, it is not on the builder at all… 
Yes it is showing up on desktop and mobile versions 


Hmm, that is strange. It sounds like it might be a bug. I would try reaching out to support directly so they can investigate, if you haven’t already.


Hi Brett, 
Nicholas is right, this one would be best to reach out to support. Did you chat with our team yet? If not, let me know and I’ll open a support ticket for you!


I have not chatted with the team yet. every time I try to do the live chat it is not available. If you can open a ticket for me that would be great!  


just sent one in, Request #105139