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Why hello there!

I’m Corey, Director of Campaign Strategy at Unbounce. I’m here to invite you to a little something we’re calling PPC Sessions.

If you’re running paid media campaigns, you’ve likely noticed that in the past couple years, it’s gotten insanely competitive. For many businesses, it’s become near impossible to generate a positive ROI, unless you have a true PPC expert on staff who’s using advanced tools.

We want to help.

Starting November 21, Unbounce is hosting half hour, bi-weekly webinars (“PPC Sessions”) where you can learn about the most advanced PPC tools and ad networks on the market.

In each PPC Session, you’ll learn the following about a specific tool:

  • Why you might use it
  • If it’s the right fit for your company
  • How others have been successful with it
  • What makes it different from its competitors

Join the PPC Sessions now!

Here’s what’s coming up…

November 21st
Reach potential customers across the world’s most popular websites using Taboola’s content discovery platform.

December 5th
Automate your workflows and get optimization recommendations from Optmyzer PPC automation tools.

Date TBD
AdAlysis PPC management software, which lets you automate your PPC analysis and focus only on actionable information.

You’re cordially invited to join these free sessions and provide feedback on how we can help you find tools to maximize your paid ad spend.

Join the PPC Sessions now!

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This is super exciting Corey! Based on some posts here in the community, I think there are a few folks who would be interested in checking this out and applying some things to their PPC campaigns. I’m looking at you @andreasobel @Strik @NewMarketer @Andrew @leah.ann and @Stefano :eyes: :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Always looking for inspiration and more knowledge - Thank you Jess!


Can’t wait for this! Sounds awesome.


Cool, I’m always in the market for tools that will help make my life easier! :smiley:


Sounds exciting Corey! Signing up for them right away!


Glad to hear it Delshya! I hope you’ll provide some feedback after a session or two so I can make sure it’s as useful as possible :slight_smile:.