Unbounce Wordpress Plugin/Integration [Implemented]



I was exploring options :wink:

Thanks for the quick response - I will be watching and waiting for the wordpress piece - the reason it’s important (to me) is that I can host my entire site on my domain, and include direct links to landing pages on that domain… if I am doing something like PPC with Google, I am always pointing at my primary domain… which to me is important.

Nevermind - I won’t have the need to host 100 domain names with you guys :wink:

Anyhow… thanks for the quick response, I do appreciate it!


Not a problem Clinton, your use case totally makes sense. Out of curiosity Ñ is having all landing pages and website content consolidated on your primary domain important to you for SEO reasons, PPC reasons (quality score?), or just piece-of-mind having everything all in once place?


You know - I would give you a speech typically about SEO and managing it on my own, but to be honest, Unbounce seems to be doing more than great with this today… so for me it’s more about PPC - to me it’s about quality, yes, but also not displaying some other/unrelated domain name - especially with Google.

For example - if I am using unbouncepages.com/pagenmane Google (as I am sure you are well aware) will only allow me to display unbouncepages.com as the domain name in the ad (display name). That’s no good.

So, to counter this effect, what I have done in past is setup a subdomain, say srv1.domain.com - and run my landing pages off of this, where domain.com = my primary domain.  This is better, but still isn’t ideal in my opinion… nevermind the fact that you charge me for each domain that I host, and I have a looooooong list of domains that I would need to host on your end… and maybe I am too cheap for my own good :wink:

I do prefer, for some campaigns, to have a unique domain for specific campaigns - one of my more recent acquisitions is fivemistakes.com - which you host right now… but can serve a great many purposes (you can use your imagination here :wink:

Thanks for listening (so intently)


It would be very nice for organic SEO purposes to be able to use an unbounce page on your root domain. In theory, this would allow you to organically rank unbounce pages, yet stay consistent with your own brand. Also, for PPC display url purposes, this is a must.


Just chiming in to support the wordpress integration, please get this done asap, it’s really crucial. Thanks.


I would like to be able to have an UnBounce form (not entire landing page) display within a WordPress page or widget. 


This feature request has more than a year, what happen?


This would be huge for small businesses.  I get why it has not been done.  It’s not your initial core value, but must add my plus 1 :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone, 

I am happy to say that we are in the early stages (Alpha) of testing our WordPress Plugin and we could not be more excited. The request and support for this feature has been outstanding, receiving feedback from this community on why and how they would like to use Unbounce and WordPress together has allowed us to build this feature to deliver immediate value to those who use it.  We have not fully implemented all of the requirements yet, but because it is such a long awaited feature we though we would show you a quick preview of it in action! (Note: this may not represent the final version).


If all goes well with our Alpha testing, then we expect to open up Beta Testing in the next few weeks, if you are interested in trying it out please contact our support team at wp-beta@unbounce.com and we will be sure to reach out to you as soon as it is available. 

Thank you,



Hi Meagan,

That’s fantastic news!  I will be emailing your shortly :slight_smile:

Big thank you to the Unbounce team for keeping their ear to the ground and making a choice that will benefit many users even though it wasn’t exactly in your “wheelhouse”. 

Much appreciated,



I just received a mailer-deamon response.  Can you please verify the email address?  May be an issue on my end so I don’t want to set off any alarms, but just figured I would bring it to your attention just in case.


My apologies Joe, 

The correct email is wpbeta@unbounce.com

I will update the post to reflect this. 

Thank you gain for your feedback!. 



My pleasure and thanks for the quick response, Meagan!


Hi Meagan, 

These are fantastic news, this is exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile: Great Work!

I’ll send an email now!




It would be good if we could select this option and assign wordpress user roles of people who can use inbounce via the wordpress permissions. Personally, I have a product that is applicable to maybe 100 niches in over 20 langauages, and I want dynamite landing pages for each and every single one of them.
The logistics are quite difficult so if you can make this easier so that I can have a team of people working on it via the wordpress plugin that would be great. Perhaps even a special role contributors section for them…I don’t know…I would also like to emphasize that it is important that no individual contributor could delete or tamper with the other user’s webpages. Lastly, a simple paypal button generator could be really useful to generate order buttons on the fly as some of us are bootstrapping and need immediate available funds off the sales pages we produce that are successful.


I really assumed this feature was already developed. LeadPages.net has this feature so I assumed Unbounce would too.

This is somewhat - really - disappointing.


I have same issues as the above. Am building full wordpress site and would like to easily integrate landing pages throughout the WP site. My main issues are regarding domain use and SEO efficiency. Not sure how this would work.


There are some great use cases in the comments below from other users. For me the use cases are as follows:

-SEO use case: When making new landing pages with Unbounce, I would be able to use pre-existing URLs from my website in order to effectively keep the ranking etc. of main website urls that are already in place. This is not only an SEO benefit but it will also save me time as I would not have to forward URLS nor change the URLs in site menus.

-Easy Peasy Website Pages: I have clients that do not have templates within their Wordpress CMS that can be used for landing pages NOR regular website pages. With a WP integration I would be able to easily create good looking landing pages and regular website pages for the following types of pages: features, about us, white papers portal, video portal, etc. This would save us a lot of time and money as I would not have to hire a WP expert/web designer nor have to purchase and tweak templates myself.

A/B Testing Webpages: In addition to using the WP plugin to build website pages, I would be able to A/B test the website pages in order to see which CTA’s and web copy are the most effective. With this plugin, unbounce would not only allow me to optimize my landing pages, but help me convert my website visitors, thus making Unbounce a more complete, more versatile marketing tool.

This plugin is a must-have. Your clients will appreciate it and it will make you more competitive.


As a Wordpress user I can understand the blanket call for Wordpress intergration however, the main message we learn from the team at Unbounce, is that landing pages are completely different from a website. Unbounce go to great depths on helping us learn when it comes to all aspect of pay per click marketing. Its obviously a great system as there are now many companies trying to copy it. None of which go to the depths that Unbounce do, they merely copy. 

The support and personal level of service I have received from Unbounce over the last couple of years is something that I have never found anywhere else, so be careful what you wish for :slight_smile:

Setting Unbounce up on a sub domain isnt too hard and if you need help they will talk you through it. SEO reasons really shouldnt be relevant with a landing pˆge either because pages for your PPC campaigns should be completely seperate. 

My guess is that people would like to use Unbounces optimised templates for their traditional website, but this shouldnt be that hard to replicate these days with all the various themes and click and drag frameworks etc.

Not trying to have a fight, just stating lets remember what Unbounce is created for, optimised PPC landing pages. They are very clear that they are not trying to do several things averagely, but one thing brilliantly :wink:

p.s will be interesting to see what Wordpress intergrations you guys come up with :slight_smile: