Unbounce Wordpress Plugin/Integration [Implemented]



Wordpress is excellent CMS with excellent plugins. What do you want to hear? For god’s sake, do you really want us to take a stand behind Wordpress as CMS?

Unbounce is nice. Wordpress is great. Combine it. Ignoring Wordpress as content managment platform to integrate with is pretty ARROGANT. Even so, expecting a community to make a case for you. Isn’t the number of marketers using WP enough?

Unbounce lacks many things, and Wordpress’ community provides. Check everything unbounce does not have and check everything Wordpress has. Whuala. you have the case study.


Thanks Fran! You made some very good points! Very well said!


Hey guys,
I really appreciate the feedback. We are not ignoring Wordpress by any stretch, we use it ourselves for our unbounce.com website and blog and it’s a great tool. Our engineering teams who would build an integration are currently working on a couple of big projects (Script Manager which launched into Labs last week and SSL.) The reason we’re digging for use-cases and customer insights now is so that we know exactly what we need to build when the time comes to start developing.

Hope you can hang in there.


I iframe Unbounce pages in my Wordpress site and it works reasonably well.

The only problem I have is in accurately tracking conversions with Google Analytics.


Got unbounce to use in conjunction with our adwords efforts. The fact that we have to use the subdomain rather than our native site domain is far from ideal.


I’m really hoping to avoid the subdomain to avoid a redirect coming off of in-video links on YouTube videos for video ads. I might need to switch if clients expect this functionality. I’ve gotten great support and suggestions from Unbounce but need to satisfy clients. Thanks very much.


I use a custom form builder plugin (formpress) and i absolutely need the logic options it comes with.  Also the plugin integrates fine with getresponse which you don’t. would use it right now if there was wordpress integration.

The problem with zapier is the five minute delay.  I use email to deliver the lead magnet and having a prospect wait 5 minutes is unacceptable. 


I quit Unbounce to go to Lead Pages because of the sub domain problem. Everything works so much better and easier on the one domain… with a Wordpress plugin. Unbounce have been talking about solving it for far too long… leaving is sadly the best best option… even tho they have some good templates. Lead Pages is no nirvana either, tho better… so I am still in market for a better plugin with more templates, and less clunky to use.


I quit Unbounce to go to Lead Pages because of the sub domain problem. Everything works so much better and easier on the one domain… with a Wordpress plugin. Unbounce have been talking about solving it for far too long… leaving is sadly the best best option… even tho they have some good templates. Lead Pages is no nirvana either, tho better… so I am still in market for a better plugin with more templates, and less clunky to use.

Ideas on other landing page plugins for Wordpress are welcome??


Hi, what do you mean by the sub domain problem? It’s interesting


agree with you ! 


Agree with you!


Hey Everyone, 

Thank you all for you comments and continuing to provide us with feedback on the need for a Wordpress Integration as well as other tools that would make your life easier. We agree that Wordpress is important and have it on our agenda for the first half of this year.

@Stuart- we appreciate you taking the time to provide us with this feedback although you have had to leave Unbounce for the time being. We would love to keep in touch and have you try out the Wordpress integration once it becomes available.  

At the beginning of 2015 we took steps forward as a organization to ramp up our integration efforts and we have some awesome integrations lined up. I’m happy to say that another highly requested integration (Marketo) is currently underway. 

We ask for your continued patience while we work towards a Wordpress integration that will allow you to publish your Unbounce landing page to your Wordpress site at the root domain and still allow you to utilize Unbounce features like A/B testing and analytics.  

Please keep the feedback coming as it will continue to help us define the integration requirements and ensure we deliver an awesome solution between Wordpress and Unbounce that will not only meet but hopefully exceed your expectations.

Thank you, 


Hey Dez, 

You absolutely hit the nail on the head here, 100%. One of our biggest reservations for creating a Wordpress integration was that it might open the doors to use Unbounce in a way that it wasn’t meant to be used. At our core, we are a landing page building platform that is meant to be used in tandem with your PPC campaigns to create a seamless, high converting campaign. This is the focus of our entire product, so everything we do and everything we preach is working towards being the very best landing page building platform on the market. 

With that being said, adding a wordpress widget might lead to some unconventional uses of the landing page building platform. An effective SEO strategy has it’s place in your marketing funnel, but it _shouldn’t _necessarily have anything to do with your PPC/landing page strategy. Building relevant pages on your home site _should _be a part of your overall plan, but again, this should live separately from your targeted marketing strategy.

The Unbounce landing page builder is, quite frankly, a very impressive tool when you’re using it for what it was developed for. However, when you start to use this tool to build web-pages that live in tandem with your site, you’re going to be missing out on core web functionality that offerings like Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace offer. Not to mention that when you start to blur the lines between your different marketing approaches, things become much harder to segment and successes become harder to track. As a product, we aren’t trying to pretend to be something we’re not. As you mentioned, we’re not trying to do many things averagely, we’re trying to do one thing brilliantly. 

And yes, we’re aware that this functionality has been available on other platforms for a little while now - but we don’t want to just jump on the bandwagon for the sake of having comparable functionality. We only push features live that will benefit your  paid marketing campaigns.  If we feel that it could hinder your strategy or your conversions, we’re hesitant. 

That’s why we’re sticklers when it comes to getting feedback on potential features such as a Wordpress widget. There have been quite a few valid points on why this integration would benefit the user, such as making it easier to get set up with multiple clients faster, and removing the friction from getting your landing pages launched in general. We hear that, and we agree with those points. Because of that, we  are  currently working on the integration and quite honestly can’t wait to push this out to our customers. We just hope everyone understands  why  it’s taken so long to validate the idea and get things set in motion.  

Overall, I’d like to thank everyone in this comment thread for chiming in with their thoughts and ideas. We base a lot of what we do on feedback from our customers, so this honest feedback is crucial to our development. Stay tuned for more updates on our future integrations!


I am really looking forward to this WP integration. I also migrated to Leadpages for this feature, but can’t wait to move back to Unbounce as soon as its available.    


Wordpress integration!  Yes.  Can’t wait.


Since when is the only way to drive traffic to landing pages accomplished via PPC?
If that was all you were doing, then great, there would be little need for WP.
But obviously SEO is still huge and can and does drive traffic to landing pages.
For that, WP integration simply has to be a feature these days for serious land page companies. 
This lack of WP integration for a company trying compete in the landing page arena is comical.


Hey Justin,

WP integrating is a must. Getting organic traffic results to a landing page would be a major win for any company.

It would also improve the A/B tests.

In most cases, the A/B test are only collecting data from paid campaigns, or newsletters. To get the most accurate reading on any A/B test, traffic should come from every source possible. This includes organic traffic from google, bing, yahoo, ext. 

Content rich pages aren’t 100% necessary to rank in the organic results. We’ve had landing pages with very thin content rank well with the right optimization and link building. 


This is a must have feature… just chiming in.  Was over at the competition and they have this feature - it’s indispensable.


And just what were you doing over there? :wink:

We’ve got a pretty high priority on Wordpress at the moment, totally appreciate everyone chiming in and leaving their feedback. We’ve got two major features we’ll be announcing this week (integration with Google Analytics including automatic event tracking Ñ this is live already Ñ plus an integration with Marketo.) Secure domains with SSL is right around the corner as well, and that will free up a lot of the team to start digging into a Wordpress integration. Thanks for holding tight everyone!