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I have seen several posts with customers requesting Unbounce to integrate with Wordpress and I would like to know if and when Unbounce will be putting into place a Wordpress plugin. There are a lot of use cases and benefits on the end user side for having the ability to easily create landing pages using Unbounce then having it as a page on a Wordpress site.

I am hoping that now that competitors such as InstaPage and LeadPages have these Wordpress plugins, Unbounce will escalate this request and give us a deadline of when it will be implemented.

Note: I have seen responses saying to use iFrames to host Unbounce landing pages on wordpress but I don’t see that as a solution.

:ub_logo: Official Update from Unbounce

We’ve had overwhelming support from the Community about a wordpress integration, so I’m happy to announce that this feature has been officially released to the public! Learn more about the Unbounce + Wordpress Integration here. Also, we currently have over 125 WordPress-ready templates. See how easy it is to create Wordpress landing pages!

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Hey there - We don’t have a firm ETA, though it has been something we’ve been seeing a bit more as of late.

Do you have a specific use-case? Again, it’s already something we’re exploring a bit, but we’d love to hear the specific reasons people want an integration.


For me, a wordpress plugin would allow me to easily create a custom 404 page with opt-in form and add pop-up forms to blog posts if people click a link (e.g. if I had a food blog I could post a link to download a recipe in the blog and it would bring up an opt in form before they get the content).

It’d be cool as well (although not exactly difficult at the moment) to select an unbounce page to link to from within wordpress (i.e. a drop down of all my unbounce pages) when I’m adding a new menu link or new page.


Agreed! Mike pls comment on my comment above.


I _m just using Unbounce two days ago, and I was thinking just know how can I integrate Wordpress with Unbounce…

For me the use will be to have specific Landing Pages inside my site for campaigns so I have my Wordpress site working in normal mode and also I have inside my Super Landing Pages for Campaigns of Facebook, so when a customer drives in from Facebook it will take the information that I need and then they can keep on my site looking everything else.

This make sense to you?


Hi Rai - it definitely does. I’m curious about why you need the same domain for this though? What we’ll usually see with landing pages on sub-domains is that you’ll drive traffic from your campaign to your landing page and then if you want to keep traffic on your site, you can direct the form to push to page on your main site.

That way you’ll capture your lead and also push anyone who completes the form to your main website as well.


Hi Quinn, I did not know that option was available.

So what normally is do is that people set a sub domain to point the host the landing page?.


You can set it so that when someone fills out a form it redirects them to your website. But the best option is to redirect them to a “thank you” or “success” page after they fill out a form then give them the option to click somewhere to go to your website. Where you redirect to depending on your goals…






More on this issue here:


This is a pretty crucial feature IMHO as competitors are doing this.

This is the only major disadvantage of unbounce when comparing with the competition.

Comparing with other solutions in the market …
Instapage is winning in my pro’s/cons comparison on this point alone … everything else seems pretty equal between the 2 systems except that unbounce is missing a WP integration and is more expensive …


Unbounce is missing the Facebook integration as well…


I can’t echo the first post enough. At the moment I used Unbounce for offsite landing pages for certain activity and those landing pages do not look like the company website (logo and color aside), nor can I make them look like the professionally designed website so I don’t pretend that’s where they are and even use a completely separate domain.

To have the ability to use Unbounce to test variations of the strongest pages on my actual website or to use it as the final CTA page would be amazing.

I know there is other software out there but I am a fan of Unbounce :slight_smile:


EXACTLY! And I REALLY DONT want to switch to an Unbounce competitor. I really like Unbounce, just really wish they would implement more updates we want/need such as wordpress and facebook integration.


This would be great. Especially if the design was responsive. This would be the ideal way to create these pages for SEO purposes. Also, the ease of tracking these pages through your current Google analytics account would also be another benefit.


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to touch base here and let you all know that your voices haven’t gone unheard here. Our developers are well aware that a large number of our customers would love to see an Unbounce integration with Wordpress, and this feature is definitely on the roadmap.

A big reason we don’t have this integration today is that a large majority of our developer resources have been focused on the release of responsive pages, and this has easily been our most in-demand feature to date. We just actually began a closed beta for this feature as well. Once this crown jewel has been achieved, it will open up a thousand more doors for us to start working on new integrations like Wordpress. We’re super grateful to you all for your patience here.

If you have any further questions or concerns about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@unbounce.com.


Great to hear that it’s in the works. One of the great things about unbounce is that they’re constantly improving in every aspect.


Hey Alex, thanks for the heads up. If its on the roadmap why is this thread still “Under consideration” and why has no one let us know a deadline for when we will have this integration?

As I have mentioned before, this integration is not just something we feel “would be cool to have,” - we REALLY NEED THIS (and the facebook integration.)

I work in marketing and I can’t tell you how useful this integration (and a facebook one) would have been for me and my clients in past marketing campaigns. It would have saved us time, money and would have stopped me from using external tools and people to get a lot of items done.

I am part of multiple online marketing communities and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen other marketers say “I don’t use unbounce because they don’t have wordpress/facebook”

I am not trying to be a “negative Ned” - I critique because I care and I want to see unbounce continue to succeed exponentially - and preferably in a way that more so takes into account customer needs/input.


Hello everyone!

First off, apologies for the deleted comment. It seems there was a bit of confusion regarding the wording, so while we crafted a more accurate response, we made the call to remove the comment to alleviate any further misunderstanding.

While we are aware of the possible use case for implementing this kind of functionality, we’re still in the discovery phase of figuring out exactly how this would work, what it would look like, and the benefits it would have for our customers. Before we tackle a feature like this we need to be 100% sure that it will alleviate pain points and not cause unnecessary friction.

While I can say with certainty that this feature is something we’re strongly considering, we’re currently focusing our efforts on completing few big projects (see Carter’s response about our progress in the comments here) before we take on another major integration. So trust me when I say that your feedback isn’t going unnoticed. We understand how this functionality could benefit yourself and our customers, and we’re aware that other companies have implemented this to some success - but we’re not 100% ready to commit to this idea and implement this into our road map just yet.

What I would be interested in hearing is why/how this feature would benefit you as a marketer. Mainly, what type of friction this would be alleviating and how it has the potential to make your lives easier. We’ve already heard from a few folks in this thread how this functionality could benefit them, but if there’s any further reasoning we would genuinely love to hear it. So please share! :slight_smile:

Again, sorry for any confusion here folks!