Unbounce with Multivariate & Heatmaps


[NEW] Add multivariate testing and heatmaps to your Unbounce toolkit.
Read about our new integration with Visual Website Optimizer that lets you do multivariate testing in a visual interface - and see where your visitors are clicking with heatmaps.



Do you guys work together with the guys at VWO? You should definitely discuss some kind of discounted pricing with them for Unbounce customers or something else that makes this offer more attractive.

Anyway interesting option, also considering I was comparing Unbounce and VWO and decided for Unbounce due to pricing (yes I know, apples and oranges, but at least they’re both eatable).

Hope to see more collaboration on this front!


Thanks for this Jerome - and your other feedback today! We’re pretty excited about the idea of doing more with VWO.