Unbounce with Mailchimp Group



I created a form on my landing page, and I want to connect checkboxes (As which sport do you want to practice ? Soccer / Basketball) with my Mailchimp group (Which sport do you practice ? Group 1 = Soccer / Group 2 = Basketball).

So if the user checks Soccer on my landing page, I want to sent him in my Soccer group on Mailchimp, if he checks the both, I want to sent him on the both group ect …

Any idea to resolve this problem ?

Thanks in advance, and I apologize for my poor english :slight_smile:


Not sure if there’s an easy way to do it directly, but you can do something like that for sure with Zapier, using their filters.


Hi there!

I haven’t used MailChimp in some time, but from what I recall, you can simply put all of your leads within the same list. Make sure to import their selection within your list, so when you create your campaigns you can simply segment by sport that they practice.

Let me know if that helps!


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