Unbounce - what a versitile tool!


Planning our office layout in Unbounce. 1cm = 1px:

Thanks Unbounce :slight_smile:


Haha this is definitely a use case we haven’t seen before. But if you already have an Unbounce account, you might as well push it to it’s limits… right? :wink: Really cool, @Alex_Scovell!


Nice use case @Alex_Scovell.

Is there a desk for visitors :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Also, what’s the green thing to the right?


@Hristian Yes! the one labelled “spare to be bought” although i need to order it still! When are you visiting? :slight_smile:

Green thing is the pool table.

Here it is before the layout change:

from outside:



Ha this is super cool! Awesome looking digs.