Unbounce URLs Tracking for Different Pages

Hey Unbounce Team,

I recently moved my company’s landing pages to Unbounce and had an important query w.r.t URLs tracking for different pages.

So, I’m doing Email Campaigns with the help of CTAs. The visitors arrive on an Unbounce form (English). Note: Our audience is diverse so we have 5 forms (English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese) which are 5 pages. And 5 Thank you pages as well.

Now, I’ve set up the Email campaign CTA URL with UTMs. When visitors click the CTA on the email campaign, they’re taken to this URL which is the default english form:

But when the visitor changes the language to french, they’re taken to a different page with the URL:
If the visitor decides to again get back to the English page, after visiting the French page, The URL is:

Does anyone have any idea on how to resolve this to still have the same UTMs per page (even though the user might be switching from say, English to French to English again) to better track it on Google Analytics and/or Salesforce?

Hi, maybe a link shortener could help but can you share a link of one of your landing pages here? I am not sure how you are handling the multilanguage feature so I would like to take a look.

Hi @akhilmanikeri,

Google Analytics will pick up the UTM parameters on the first page.

If you need to write down the UTM parameters into hidden fields to pass along to Salesforce, you can try doing it with the browser’s localStorage.