Unbounce to send me an alert when I reach a X amount of Leads


Can Unbounce alert me when one of my landing pages reach X amount of leads in a range of time (Monthly, perhaps)? I need that because one of my clients can’t manage more than 150 leads in a single month, and that way I can get an alert to stop my CPC campaigns.


Hi Federico,

That is not currently a feature that we have in the application. We have done some thinking about in app notifications but it’s not a project we’ve started.

Would this be the only type of event you’d like to be messaged for or are there other types of events that you’d also like to receive notification for?


So far, that’s the only event I’d like to be messaged for.
It doesn’t have to be a message, it would be great if I could select a range of time in a page, and Unbounce showed me the amount of leads in that period.

Otherwise, I have to download the CSV and check it every time.

Thanks for your reply!


Hi Frederico,

We are definitely looking at adding the ability to set custom date ranges for viewing lead data. It’s been asked for a few times and we can certainly see how valuable it would be for tracking pages that are in field for longer periods of time.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you need. Your requests help us prioritize our development roadmap!


Thank you so much!


Is there any update to this request?  We have the opposite problem, where we don’t have many leads coming through our forms (not a critical part of our business), but have to login to check daily so a lead doesn’t sit for long.  If I could receive an email alert when I receive a new lead, it would eliminate the need to log in everyday, request the lead information, and then download the file once I receive the email.  


Hi David, 

You can set up email notifications for leads right now. 

When you open you page panel, on the right-hand side, you’ll see a few tabs like these:


Just click the “Email Me New Leads” and follow the prompt. 

Now, everytime you get a new lead, Unbounce will email you with the lead’s information from LP form.