Unbounce to Pardot Webhook Issue


My unbounce form submissions are not mapping properly to Pardot form handler. All the fields match and the webhook is set up correctly.

I’ve been on support with unbounce and pardot without any luck. Thankfully, Unbounce has awesome customer support. My unbounce rep says that Pardot is requiring some field that isn’t on your Unbounce form. Pardot support says they’re not seeing that issue.

I set these up multiple times a week so am very confused on what it could be. Anyone have experience with this and can lend some insight?


Hi @kierstingeary,

Can you share a screenshot of the Unbounce setup as well as the fields in Pardot?

Feel free to DM me if you don’t want to share it here in the open.

Also, did you try the “Post form data to URL” option and not the webhook.