Unbounce Slack channel? 🤔



Hi folks!

I tuned into a webinar hosted by ProdPad the other day and they mentioned the effectiveness of their Slack community.

Before I get ahead of myself here I wanted to see if anyone here would be interested in a Slack channel. I imagine it would include 10-15 different members of the Unbounce team (representing an assortment of departments) to answer questions and have conversations.

I’d be curious to start a small-ish group, see how it goes, and then evaluate next steps.

What I’d like to try to gauge here is…

Would you be interested?

Let me know in the comments below or by :heart:ing this post :point_down:


Hi Jess,

+100 for a slack channel.



HELL YES pleaaaase !


I can’t say that I’d be in to this. Mostly because I already use Slack M-F and I don’t want to see it explode with another channel. But to play devils-advocate…

Would a slack channel be better than the Unbouce support chat? Would it be better than this community forum? I feel like I’m missing something, because it seems like the community has an array of Unbounce team members who provide help when needed. Wouldn’t a Slack channel be redundant?


Yes please!


Hey, I’m glad you’re playing devil’s advocate because this gives me more opportunities to unpack this idea (it’s definitely still in evaluation phase).

I think the difference between this forum and our Support team’s chat option and a Slack channel is that pretty much everybody has Slack and is already using it intermittently throughout the day.

The Unbounce Community isn’t necessarily something that everybody opens as soon as they step into the office (as much as I wish it was!).

And the difference between a dedicated Slack channel and our chat Support is that this wouldn’t put any strain on our awesome Support team, as it would be a variety of members throughout the company, and it wouldn’t be 100% support related discussions - rather discussions around how folks are using Unbounce.

Something I’d like to avoid with this would be for it to turn into another arm of our Support channels. We won’t be treating it as such, and will ideally make that very clear that if anyone is needing support with their Unbounce pages that they’ll still need to reach out to our team via phone/chat/email.

Hopefully that all makes sense! I’m quite caffeinated :smiley: :coffee:


Ah ha! I get it,

I think that sounds super helpful! I am fortunate enough to work on a team and we all use Unbounce in different ways. So we get the opportunity to have some healthy collaboration often.

Sounds like this Slack channel can (at the least) be a great asset on the occasion a marketer needs more perspective on their current project.

It has my vote :heavy_plus_sign: :100:


Logged in to say “yes”


Did this die off?!?!


Hey Julia! Nope, this didn’t die off!

This is something that I need a lot of buy-in from the team internally, as if it’s just me on the other end of the conversation, the ROI for everyone will be limited.

I’ll be updating this thread as soon as anything manifests, it’s good to know this is still on your radar!!